Dr. William Brody, president of the Salk Institute, invites you to attend the Salk Science and Music Series, six remarkable Sunday evenings that bring together virtuosos from the worlds of both music and science.

Each concert in the series will feature stunning performances by some of the hottest established and emerging classical and jazz musicians, as well as riveting talks about the latest scientific discoveries by the Institute’s world-renowned scientists.

For general information or to purchase tickets over the phone please contact us at music@salk.edu or 858-453-4100 x 2098.

President’s Club members receive free admission and premier seating to all Salk Science & Music Series concerts and are invited to attend a private reception following each performance hosted by President Dr. William Brody and the featured Salk scientist.

To RSVP or to inquire about the President’s Club program, please contact Megan Shockro at (858) 453-4100 x 1405 or via email at mshockro@salk.edu.


3:30 PM Registration opens
4:00 PM Concert begins in the auditorium
4:40 PM Scientific talk
5:00 PM Intermission
5:10 PM Concert resumes
5:45 PM Concert concludes
6:00 PM President’s Club private reception